2008 was a difficult year for a lot of folks around the country and the world. But instead of lamenting the adversity almost everyone has faced, we're going to focus on the positive things that happened this year.

Most importantly, Olivia and Vivienne are happy, healthy and enjoying school. Olive is in a 1st/2nd grade split and Viv just turned 5 and can't wait to start Kindergarten this coming fall. They both enjoy books, movies, drawing and other craft projects, playing games, and making up stories.

Julie has successfully transitioned from a career spent mostly in print to full-fledged Web design. She's completed several projects in the last few months and is available for more. Her portfolio is online.

This fall, Bram has enjoyed working on Metabeam's first iPhone application. Stay tuned for the product announcement when it becomes available in the iTunes App Store. Oh, and he caught a really big fish.

Despite repeated attempts, Ruby has still not managed to ascend even one rank in the pack order, but added a squirrel pelt or two to her career numbers. She's contemplating retirement while there are still species she can dominate - because very few athletes get to go out while they're on top.

That's pretty much what we've been up to this year. BTW, if you prefer a more real-time news feed, you can check our niece's Facebook page.

Best Wishes for the coming year.
Julie, Bram, Olivia, Vivienne (& Ruby)