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#LoveBallard Neighborhood Clinic Campaign

The neighborhood of Ballard had been served by another hospital system for over 20 years when
UW Medicine first established a clinic there. The situation needed a campaign that would raise awareness, but would assure their potential patients that the providers aren’t new to the uniqueness of the quirky neighborhood. The #LoveBallard campaign had the traditional bus and banner ads, as well as a few direct interactions with the community.


ballard homepage

Campaign takeover of the Ballard Clinic home page, with social links for further engagement.








Twitter joined in on the fun:


The campaign also extended into sponsorship ads for events in the area, in this case JazzFest.

JazzFest Sponsorship


The Good Health Giveaway team joined our FreeWheel partners to encourage interaction with our brand with a mirror covered box, leading to 2k views and a fun interaction with the community.

We also joined in the Syttende Mai celebration with ads and a presence at the parade,
as well as on the in-clinic waiting room digital signage.


The #LoveBallard slides were available for the clinics to post in their waiting room displays, to reinforce the campaign.