Sr Graphic Designer

Harborview Infographic

Harborview Medical Center is known throughout the region as the place to go for extreme trauma. But behind that reputation for saving lives is a broad spectrum of services including burn care, neurosciences, ophthalmology, vascular surgery, rehabilitation medicine, mental health resources, and a team of translators. It is also the Disaster Medical Control Center, which means that in the event of a major disaster, the staff of Harborview would coordinate with medical professionals in the field, medics, and fire departments, to ensure all affected get the care they need.

Harborview’s business model is unique; it is managed by UW Medicine, but owned by King County. That means its resources are available to everyone, regardless of ability to pay, but dollars to fund critical expansion and renovation come from King County voter-approved bonds. Harborview faces an upcoming initiative, and this piece was designed as a handout for everyone working towards the continued funding of this vital regional resource.


Harborview infographic cover

Harborview Infographic center spread

Harborview Infographic back cover