Sr Graphic Designer

IBM Software

IBM needed to significantly elevate the profile of their software business. IBM was not typically thought of as a software company. It made servers, but it also made software solutions to Web-enable enterprises and provide e-business solutions. We created “The Software Guy” – he punctuated each scene with a solution to a common business problem.
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IBM wanted to demonstrate the versatility of their software offering. My team and I circumnavigated the globe to make images of The Software Guy in unique and unexpected places where IBM Software could help businesses. His placard, in which copy would explain the software’s strength in the situation, was a template so copy teams around the world could create messaging to emphasize different strengths of the offering or translate it into other languages.



IBM wanted to raise awareness by buying extremely visible media. This campaign I directed for IBM Software elevated awareness of the brand and offering to unprecedented levels. These subway posters I created were seen in all major global markets.

main_ibm_buses copy