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Virtual Clinic Back-to-School Campaign

How do you get people to think differently about how they access healthcare? It was September and school was starting up again, which means sick kids. Rather than trudging to the doctor’s office, we suggested Virtual Clinic, which saves time and is more convenient. Our click-through rate went from an average of 200 to 2000 for a fall 25% discount.




From the Freewheel Driver: “While I was on my ride I got stopped and asked about the bike at nearly every stop light from Eastlake all the way down to the stadium. Young Husky fans, veteran season ticket holders, cops and Husky band members all gave thumbs up, smiles and voiced approval of the UW med ad displayed on the back of the bike! It was a great day with enthusiastic fans buzzing about the upcoming game. Riding through the tailgate and parking lot sections resulted in tons of pictures and fans asking if they could take the bike for a spin. Without a doubt all eyes were on the bike no matter what section of the stadium or parking lot I was riding through. I would say it was a massive success!”