Sr Graphic Designer


My name is Julie Elting Wessel.

I am a creative problem-solver, in all aspects of my life. My favorite solutions to problems are elegant, simple, and smart, so I aspire to achieve that in my work. I like to think all the way around a problem, seeking some kind of hook that will lead to an appealing, engaging piece of communication.

As a Senior Art Director with Ogilvy & Mather in New York, and in DSC_0246bwseveral Seattle agencies, I have developed regional and global campaigns that elevated the profiles of some of the world’s most recognizable brands, including IBM, Procter & Gamble, Lever, Kool-Aid, Dove, Fruit-Loops and many others. In the Pacific Northwest I have worked with high-profile regional brands such as Microsoft, Boeing, US Bank, AAA, Ford Used Trucks, Pyramid Brewing, Evergreen Hospital, Pacific Science Center, Columbia Hospitality and many others.

Most recently, I have worked in-house at UW Medicine Strategic Marketing & Communications, evolving the brand and marketing strategies to help stay competitive in a rapidly changing environment.

My process

Get the details At the beginning, when the project kicks off, I ask a lot of questions. A lot. I look for that hook – the thing that is different from the other stories being told out there.

Who am I talking to Audience plays a huge role in choosing how to convey a message. Age, location, existing client, new to town – I try to find out as much as I can so that my message will be relevant to my audience.

Start playing Time to let my mind go, and think of all of the craziest ideas. They’re all valid right now. It’s great to have someone to collaborate with and help elevate the just-okay ideas, too.

Come back to earth Time to narrow my focus, check in with stakeholders on what could be some possibilities, see if I’m on the mark, sell an idea that  may be unconventional, and polish things up.

Sell it One of my earliest mentors advised me to have my argument ready when I walked in the room. So, I set up the problem, and show how I have solved it. And be ready for feedback to help improve the work.

Create it Using my project management skills, I make a plan, gather what is needed, and execute. Then send it out to the world, and get started on the next project.

Learn I love to learn. What worked? What didn’t? Every project is a chance to learn something, and make the next project better.

I invite you to browse through my work, or view my C.V.

Thank you for your consideration.

phone:  206.947.4831 | julie[at]